This is for courses focused on Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy: Microsoft Course teaches generic ICT skills and concepts. The curriculum features screenshots and simulations from Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 to illustrate and provide hands-on examples.

Course Components

  • Computer Basics
  • The Internet, Cloud services, World Wide Web
  • Productivity Programs
  • Computer Security and Privacy
  • Digital Lifestyle
  • Certificate Test
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Fundamentals of Internet is a course that describes the concept of internet, its applications, and the hardware and software that is used to make this system work. The course will give the participants an overview of the all the processes associated with internet.

Course Components

  • Introduction to Internet
  • Browsing the Web
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Using Emails
  • Browsing through a website

W4C Certificate Course on Fundamentals of Internet -.pdfW4C Certificate Course on Fundamentals of Internet -.pdf

Office Suite:Intermediate Level Course is a tutorial that has been designed for anyone who has some experience using computers and Microsoft Office 2010 and wants to learn some more advanced skills. 

Course Components

  • Intermediate Word Processing Skills
  • Intermediate Spreadsheet Skills
  • Intermediate Presentation Skills

Office Suite - Intermediate Level Course.pdfOffice Suite - Intermediate Level Course.pdf

Google INDIC Course is designed for grassroots organisations to help them create digital content in regional languages for different social media platforms. It includes various tools, techniques and fonts to generate content in 11 regional languages of India. 

Course Components 

  • Google Indic Keyboard
  • Google handwriting input
  • Google translate
  • Google Noto fonts
  • AMP
  • Progressive Web page


Intel Easy Step: Basic Course course designed to help you learn the basic steps of how to use a computer effectively, and to apply your computer skills to your every-day life.

Course Components

Part 1 - Learning New Skills

Module 1: Introducing Computers and Operating Systems 1.1

Module 2: Introducing Internet and Email 2.1

Module 3: Introducing Word Processing 3.1

Module 4: Introducing Spreadsheets 4.1

Module 5: Introducing Multimedia 5.1

Part 2 – Applying Skills to Business and Entrepreneurship

Module 6: Introduction to Entrepreneurship 6.1

Module 7: Money Management and Finances 7.1

Module 8: Marketing Plan 8.1

Module 9: Branding 9.1

Module 10: Marketing Material 10.1

Module 11: Online Marketing 11.1

Module 12: Collecting Feedback Online 12.1

Part 3 - Showcasing Your Work

Module 13: Developing a Product Portfolio 13.1

Module 14: Showcase

IES Basic Course v3.0.pdfIES Basic Course v3.0.pdf

This is a predominantly visual course to teach illiterate populations on how to use computers.