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Digital Security

This toolkit has been designed to teach you how to become secure against the threats on the online space. The toolkit is illustrated with simple examples that one encounters in our day-to-day lives. 

Digital Security.pdfDigital Security.pdf

Internet Security is a course designed to teach basic safety while navigating on the world wide web. It is developed for everybody who use the internet to chat, shop, surf, blog or perform any activity on the www. 

Course components

1. Passwords

2. Two step Verification

3. Device Protection

4. Timely software updates

5. Download apps from a trusted source

6. Lock your screen

7. Spam mails

8. Secured communication

9. Prevent your website from getting hacked

10. Online abuse

Internet Safety.pdfInternet Safety.pdf
Digital Literacy and Security for Beginners

This course is targeted at individuals with low digital literacy to empower them with the tools for ensuring their safety online. The threat assessment for the average learner is low and they are not under any direct, discernible threat by state or non-state actors.

Course Components

The course focuses on the following modules:

  • Introducing Networks - Understanding networks, WWW, Internet and Intranet
  • Secure storage
  • Social Media Safety
  • Making and remembering strong passwords
  • Safe Browsing
  • Using e-mail safely
  • Device Hygiene
  • Recognising malicious applications
  • Safe searching online
  • Understanding privacy settings on online platforms