To bring in last mile connectivity for under-served rural and semi-rural areas in India, line-of-sight wireless connectivity is deployed by using low-cost Wireless equipment and unlicensed frequency spectrum of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz range to create community-operated wireless networks. To further empower the local community, the community members need to be trained in setting up wireless networks themselves.

This course is intended for community members, especially in rural areas of India, who can set up last-mile Internet connectivity for their communities. These members may not have a formal degree in technical areas such as networking or engineering. For the purpose of this course, it is assumed that there are three levels at which learners will setup a wireless network. The three levels are:

 Level 1 – To bring connectivity from the ISP to a single location

 Level 2 – To extend connectivity from the single location to another location

 Level 3 – To extend connectivity from the single location to multiple locations

This course is sequenced to start from processes required for Level 1 implementation and goes on to processes for Level 2 and Level 3 implementation.

GSMA Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit 

It is guide for training people in basic mobile internet skills in India designed by GSMA. It is designed for Mobile Network Operators, NGOs, Development organisations, governments who want to provide training to improve people's basic knowledge and understanding of the mobile internet. 

The resources provided in the toolkit give trainers what they need to demonstart the value and functionality of internet on mobile phones.  It is designed to target an audience with little mobile literacy. 

Mobile Internet Skills Toolkit.pdfMobile Internet Skills Toolkit.pdf

Google for Non Profits

G4NP is a set of applications by Google specifically designed for Not for Profits in India. The objective is of the applications is to help social organisations working at the grassroots to increase their impact by learning how to fund raise effectively, collaborate efficiently and share their story effectively.


G Suites for Non Profits

Google Ad grants

YouTube Non Profit Program